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/* This header declares the necessary definitions for using the exponentiation
 * acceleration capabilities, and rnd number generation of the AEP card. 

 * Some AEP defines

/*Successful return value*/
#define AEP_R_OK                                0x00000000

/*Miscelleanous unsuccessful return value*/
#define AEP_R_GENERAL_ERROR                     0x10000001

/*Insufficient host memory*/
#define AEP_R_HOST_MEMORY                       0x10000002

#define AEP_R_FUNCTION_FAILED                   0x10000006

/*Invalid arguments in function call*/
#define AEP_R_ARGUMENTS_BAD                     0x10020000

#define AEP_R_NO_TARGET_RESOURCES                     0x10030000

/*Error occuring on socket operation*/
#define AEP_R_SOCKERROR                                     0x10000010

/*Socket has been closed from the other end*/
#define AEP_R_SOCKEOF                                       0x10000011

/*Invalid handles*/
#define AEP_R_CONNECTION_HANDLE_INVALID         0x100000B3

#define AEP_R_TRANSACTION_HANDLE_INVALID        0x10040000

/*Transaction has not yet returned from accelerator*/
#define AEP_R_TRANSACTION_NOT_READY                   0x00010000

/*There is already a thread waiting on this transaction*/
#define AEP_R_TRANSACTION_CLAIMED                     0x10050000

/*The transaction timed out*/
#define AEP_R_TIMED_OUT                                     0x10060000

#define AEP_R_FXN_NOT_IMPLEMENTED                     0x10070000

#define AEP_R_TARGET_ERROR                                  0x10080000

/*Error in the AEP daemon process*/
#define AEP_R_DAEMON_ERROR                                  0x10090000

/*Invalid ctx id*/
#define AEP_R_INVALID_CTX_ID                          0x10009000

#define AEP_R_NO_KEY_MANAGER                          0x1000a000

/*Error obtaining a mutex*/
#define AEP_R_MUTEX_BAD                         0x000001A0

/*Fxn call before AEP_Initialise ot after AEP_Finialise*/
#define AEP_R_AEPAPI_NOT_INITIALIZED                  0x10000190

/*AEP_Initialise has already been called*/
#define AEP_R_AEPAPI_ALREADY_INITIALIZED        0x10000191

/*Maximum number of connections to daemon reached*/
#define AEP_R_NO_MORE_CONNECTION_HNDLS                0x10000200

 * Some AEP Type definitions

/* an unsigned 8-bit value */
typedef unsigned char                     AEP_U8;

/* an unsigned 8-bit character */
typedef char                              AEP_CHAR;

/* a BYTE-sized Boolean flag */
typedef AEP_U8                            AEP_BBOOL;

/*Unsigned value, at least 16 bits long*/
typedef unsigned short                    AEP_U16;

/* an unsigned value, at least 32 bits long */
typedef unsigned int                      AEP_U32;
typedef unsigned long                     AEP_U32;

typedef unsigned long                     AEP_U64;
00100 typedef struct { unsigned long l1, l2; }  AEP_U64;

/* at least 32 bits; each bit is a Boolean flag */
typedef AEP_U32               AEP_FLAGS;

typedef AEP_U8          *AEP_U8_PTR;
typedef AEP_CHAR        *AEP_CHAR_PTR;
typedef AEP_U32               *AEP_U32_PTR;
typedef AEP_U64               *AEP_U64_PTR;
typedef void            *AEP_VOID_PTR;

/* Pointer to a AEP_VOID_PTR-- i.e., pointer to pointer to void */

/*Used to identify an AEP connection handle*/
typedef AEP_U32                           AEP_CONNECTION_HNDL;

/*Pointer to an AEP connection handle*/

/*Used by an application (in conjunction with the apps process id) to 
identify an individual transaction*/
typedef AEP_U32                           AEP_TRANSACTION_ID;

/*Pointer to an applications transaction identifier*/

/*Return value type*/
typedef AEP_U32                           AEP_RV;


#define RAND_BLK_SIZE 1024

typedef enum{
        NotConnected=   0,
        Connected=              1,
        InUse=                  2

00142 typedef struct AEP_CONNECTION_ENTRY{
        AEP_CONNECTION_STATE    conn_state;
        AEP_CONNECTION_HNDL     conn_hndl;

typedef AEP_RV t_AEP_OpenConnection(AEP_CONNECTION_HNDL_PTR phConnection);
typedef AEP_RV t_AEP_CloseConnection(AEP_CONNECTION_HNDL hConnection);

typedef AEP_RV t_AEP_ModExp(AEP_CONNECTION_HNDL hConnection,
                      AEP_VOID_PTR pA, AEP_VOID_PTR pP,
                      AEP_VOID_PTR pN,
                      AEP_VOID_PTR pResult,
                      AEP_TRANSACTION_ID* pidTransID);

typedef AEP_RV t_AEP_ModExpCrt(AEP_CONNECTION_HNDL hConnection,
                         AEP_VOID_PTR pA, AEP_VOID_PTR pP,
                         AEP_VOID_PTR pQ,
                         AEP_VOID_PTR pDmp1, AEP_VOID_PTR pDmq1,
                         AEP_VOID_PTR pIqmp,
                         AEP_VOID_PTR pResult,
                         AEP_TRANSACTION_ID* pidTransID);

#ifdef AEPRAND
typedef AEP_RV t_AEP_GenRandom(AEP_CONNECTION_HNDL hConnection,
                         AEP_U32 Len,
                         AEP_U32 Type,
                         AEP_VOID_PTR pResult,
                         AEP_TRANSACTION_ID* pidTransID);

typedef AEP_RV t_AEP_Initialize(AEP_VOID_PTR pInitArgs);
typedef AEP_RV t_AEP_Finalize(void);
typedef AEP_RV t_AEP_SetBNCallBacks(AEP_RV (*GetBigNumSizeFunc)(AEP_VOID_PTR ArbBigNum, AEP_U32* BigNumSize),
                            AEP_RV (*MakeAEPBigNumFunc)(AEP_VOID_PTR ArbBigNum, AEP_U32 BigNumSize, unsigned char* AEP_BigNum),
                            AEP_RV (*ConverAEPBigNumFunc)(void* ArbBigNum, AEP_U32 BigNumSize, unsigned char* AEP_BigNum));

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