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//    Gathers unpredictable system data to be used for generating
//    random bits

#include <MacTypes.h>

00007 class CRandomizer
      CRandomizer (void);
      void PeriodicAction (void);

      // Private calls

      void        AddTimeSinceMachineStartup (void);
      void        AddAbsoluteSystemStartupTime (void);
      void        AddAppRunningTime (void);
      void        AddStartupVolumeInfo (void);
      void        AddFiller (void);

      void        AddCurrentMouse (void);
      void        AddNow (double millisecondUncertainty);
      void        AddBytes (void *data, long size, double entropy);
      void        GetTimeBaseResolution (void);
      unsigned long     SysTimer (void);

      // System Info    
      bool        mSupportsLargeVolumes;
      bool        mIsPowerPC;
      bool        mIs601;
      // Time info
      double            mTimebaseTicksPerMillisec;
      unsigned long     mLastPeriodicTicks;
      // Mouse info
      long        mSamplePeriod;
      Point       mLastMouse;
      long        mMouseStill;

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