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Public Attributes

evp_cipher_st Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

void * app_data
int block_size
int(* cleanup )(EVP_CIPHER_CTX *)
int(* ctrl )(EVP_CIPHER_CTX *, int type, int arg, void *ptr)
int ctx_size
int(* do_cipher )(EVP_CIPHER_CTX *ctx, unsigned char *out, const unsigned char *in, unsigned int inl)
unsigned long flags
int(* get_asn1_parameters )(EVP_CIPHER_CTX *, ASN1_TYPE *)
int(* init )(EVP_CIPHER_CTX *ctx, const unsigned char *key, const unsigned char *iv, int enc)
int iv_len
int key_len
int nid
int(* set_asn1_parameters )(EVP_CIPHER_CTX *, ASN1_TYPE *)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 332 of file evp.h.

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