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/* -*- Mode: C; c-file-style: "bsd" -*- */
 * easy-tls.h -- generic TLS proxy.
 * $Id: easy-tls.h,v 1.1 2001/09/17 19:06:59 bodo Exp $
 * (c) Copyright 1999 Bodo Moeller.  All rights reserved.

#ifndef HEADER_TLS_H
#define HEADER_TLS_H

#ifndef HEADER_SSL_H
typedef struct ssl_ctx_st SSL_CTX;

#define TLS_INFO_SIZE 512 /* max. # of bytes written to infofd */

void tls_set_dhe1024(int i, void* apparg);
/* Generate DHE parameters:
 * i >= 0 deterministic (i selects seed), i < 0 random (may take a while).
 * tls_create_ctx calls this with random non-negative i if the application
 * has never called it.*/

void tls_rand_seed(void);
int tls_rand_seed_from_file(const char *filename, size_t n, void *apparg);
void tls_rand_seed_from_memory(const void *buf, size_t n);

struct tls_create_ctx_args 
    int client_p;
    const char *certificate_file;
    const char *key_file;
    const char *ca_file;
    int verify_depth;
    int fail_unless_verified;
    int export_p;
struct tls_create_ctx_args tls_create_ctx_defaultargs(void);
/* struct tls_create_ctx_args is similar to a conventional argument list,
 * but it can provide default values and allows for future extension. */
SSL_CTX *tls_create_ctx(struct tls_create_ctx_args, void *apparg);

struct tls_start_proxy_args
    int fd;
    int client_p;
    SSL_CTX *ctx;
    pid_t *pid;
    int *infofd;
struct tls_start_proxy_args tls_start_proxy_defaultargs(void);
/* tls_start_proxy return value *MUST* be checked!
 * 0 means ok, otherwise we've probably run out of some resources. */
int tls_start_proxy(struct tls_start_proxy_args, void *apparg);


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