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/* This header declares the necessary definitions for using the exponentiation
 * acceleration capabilities of Atalla cards. The only cryptographic operation
 * is performed by "ASI_RSAPrivateKeyOpFn" and this takes a structure that
 * defines an "RSA private key". However, it is really only performing a
 * regular mod_exp using the supplied modulus and exponent - no CRT form is
 * being used. Hence, it is a generic mod_exp function in disguise, and we use
 * it as such.
 * Thanks to the people at Atalla for letting me know these definitions are
 * fine and that they can be reproduced here.
 * Geoff.

typedef struct ItemStr
      unsigned char *data;
      int len;
      } Item;

typedef struct RSAPrivateKeyStr
      void *reserved;
      Item version;
      Item modulus;
      Item publicExponent;
      Item privateExponent;
      Item prime[2];
      Item exponent[2];
      Item coefficient;
      } RSAPrivateKey;

/* Predeclare the function pointer types that we dynamically load from the DSO.
 * These use the same names and form that Ben's original support code had (in
 * crypto/bn/bn_exp.c) unless of course I've inadvertently changed the style
 * somewhere along the way!

typedef int tfnASI_GetPerformanceStatistics(int reset_flag,
                              unsigned int *ret_buf);

typedef int tfnASI_GetHardwareConfig(long card_num, unsigned int *ret_buf);

typedef int tfnASI_RSAPrivateKeyOpFn(RSAPrivateKey * rsaKey,
                              unsigned char *output,
                              unsigned char *input,
                              unsigned int modulus_len);

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